Catasauqua Youth SA

Club Philosophy

CYSA emphasizes fun, sportsmanship and fair play. We are work to teach all players, from the newcomer to the experienced, the fundamentals of the game with a focus on technique. We believe our focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism, and discipline leads to many of our players being leaders in their schools, with high GPAs and participation in other sports and activities.

All CYSA coaches and board members are volunteers and team activities are based on the interest of the team members. We believe soccer should be affordable, so we aim to keep registration and participation costs as low as possible, and are proud of the fact that our costs are some of the lowest in the Lehigh Valley.

We encourage our teams and their coaches to take soccer as far as they are interested. Some of our teams choose to participate in specialized camps and training sessions, tournaments, and/or winter indoor leagues, and provide additional fundraising opportunities to cover these expenses without causing a financial burden on any of their players or their families. The combined cooperation and support of the parents, coaches, and kids leads to a soccer experience tailored to each individual team.