Catasauqua Youth SA

Recreational Leagues (No Tryouts Necessary)
  • Ages U7-U16 (Birth Years 2004-2013)
  • Registration is $110 for Fall 2019 and includes free Spring 2020 registration.
  • Additional $25 for CYSA uniform
  • Mandatory Fundraiser(s) or fundraiser buy-out.

CYSA's U8-U16 Recreational teams play in the Northern Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL). Rec teams participate in a coed league comprised of teams of all boys, all girls, and even and uneven mixes. They play on fields within a roughly 20-minute drive from Catasauqua. Scores are kept at games, but records and standings are not. There are no playoffs or champions. Rec league games focus on the rules of the sport and allowing every player the chance to play. As such league rules exist to prevent/discourage running-up the score and requiring all players to play at least half of the game. Teams are fielded based on interested registrants and Catasauqua residence is not required. Unfortunately, if there aren't enough players and/or coach volunteers there will not be a team.

Any other questions or concerns regarding recreational soccer, please contact our board president or vice president.

Age Brackets

US Soccer mandates official age brackets to be based on birth year and not school grade level. CYSA and the NVYSL follow this, and as such teams are now based on birth year as follows:

Birth Year 2019-2020 Season Age Groups*
2012-2013 U8
2010-2011 U10
2008-2009 U12
2006-2007 U14

* Based on the US Soccer Birth Year Matrix

Unlike the old school grade level based approach, with the birth year age brackets, a player should almost always be under the age limit for the group. E.g. All U8 (under 8) players will be aged 5-7 for the Fall season. If your child is 8 in the Fall, then they fall into a U9 group, which our league doesn't field, so they will be placed on a U10 team with other 7-9 year olds, and so on.

Recreational Soccer Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    Q. What does my child need for soccer?

    A. Your child should bring water, shin guards, soccer socks, and soccer cleats to each practice and game.

    Shin guards are to be put under a sock to cover them so that if they break, it will be contained and to secure them during play.

    Soccer cleats differ from baseball and football cleats. Soccer cleats do not have a spike at the tip of the toes so that you can get under the ball, and baseball/football cleats have a spike at the tip of the toe. If a referee sees that your child does not have soccer cleats or shin guards during the game, they will not allow them to play in that game.

    Q. When are practices?

    A. Practices are up to the coach. Most teams will practice twice a week on a set schedule.

    If you've spoken to a coach about scheduling concerns, or have problems attending practices certain days or times please indicate that during registration. This is not a guarantee but we will do what we can.

    Q. When are games?

    A. For NVYSL Recreational teams, in the fall games are typically on Saturdays and in the Spring they are usually on Sunday afternoons.

    Q. Do we play in the rain and lightning?

    A. NVYSL has explicit rules about not playing in thunder and lightning.

    Rec practice cancellations are at the discretion of the coach as long as there is no thunder and lightning.

    Rec games usually get cancelled due to field conditions, but it’s ultimately up to the field’s home team. If they game has started and a squall passes-through play will usually continue as long as lightning and thunder are not observed.

    Q. Is there a fundraiser?

    A. There is a mandatory fundraiser or buyout for the Fall season. Fundraisers are subject to change each year, but in the past have been discount cards and lottery tickets.

    You pay in full for the fundraiser during registration and receive the item to sell early in the Fall season. You sell the item for the amount specified and keep the money collected.

      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.